Faith-Based Group Travel for Students

Discipleship Journeys That Bring the Bible To Life

One step of exposure into lived (experienced) history brings about far more learning than read/heard history.

Christian education is about transformation through discipleship, and taking people from your school, academy or college is the ultimate learning tool and spiritual experience for students, staff and community. There is no better pedagogy than to actually live the curriculum. Learning is always enhanced through five-sensing, and offering your students the opportunity to learn, serve, and grow in places where the Bible come to life will change them forever.

“I left with a mind teeming with generously-offered knowledge, and a heart brimming with newfound understanding.”

Cross-disciplinary studies (Biblical Studies, Social Studies, Sociology, Cultural Studies, History, Archaeology, Justice, International Relations, Economics and many more!) abound that will have a deep and lasting impact on students and staff. Consider too the opportunities for Professional Development for teachers, and the ongoing expertise, knowledge and experience that teachers will utilize in their teaching. The competencies in diverse and practical disciplines will astound!

Discipleship Journeys are a combination of learning (not behind a desk but moving, walking, living) and service (diverse missions and work opportunities) in one uniquely crafted and tailored journey for your specific group. We will help bring into reality the ideas and vision you have for your team or group. We will walk with you from initial dream to planning and implementing to journeying and return processing of your amazing encounters. Our goal is to make your journey the most safe, unique, remarkable, affordable and influential experience for you and your group. Let us show you how God can use Discipleship Journeys to transform.

Christian Journeys touch hearts, forge friendships and change lives

A professional, caring staff with a strong Christian foundation

We provide assistance and support during every stage of your group’s journey, from planning to departure and beyond

Comprehensive itineraries that provide meaningful journeys and life-long memories

A proven commitment to the safety and security of every group member

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