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Guiding Christian Journeys for over 15 years

We believe that our incredible, faith-based journeys have the power to change lives and transform hearts – which is why we focus solely on travel to the ancient lands of the Bible. From deciding which journey best meets your organization’s needs to booking and beyond, our goal is to be an active support every step of the way.

  • No one else understand the uniqueness of the Bible Land countries and the different cultural nuances involved with each country.
  • Our own Christian beliefs allow us to fully understand the special and individual needs of each church as they plan/embark upon their own group voyage.
  • Our success is built on long term relationships with our ever growing network of group leaders. These group leaders constantly place their trust in CJ to deliver a truly memorable experience. One which we deliver, time and time again.        
  • At Christian Journeys reservation department, we are not order takers. Our staff often engage in lengthy phone calls, as they share in the excitement of the callers who are looking forward to their ‘life changing’ journey.
  • Christian Journeys success is based upon its ongoing working relationships with our vast network of group leaders. All of our group leaders enjoy the positive and professional environment of Christian Journeys. They all know that their congregants are in good hands. Almost all of our group leaders continue to revisit/return to the Bible Lands. Some of our leaders have been more than 20 times.

The inspiration behind CJ comes from the desire to use our journeys to affect people’s lives in a profound manner.  The wonderful testimonials from both group leaders and passengers confirms that our continuing efforts to provide such experiences are both rewarding and life changing.

Brian Watt

Brian WattFounder - Christian Journeys

A Foundation of Faith

At Christian Journeys, we share your beliefs and values. Since 2002, we have been committed to helping Christians both young and old experience their faith through innovative, Bible-based travel. By incorporating all of our resources, we can provide your church or school group a comprehensive experience that focuses on faith and the real-life history of the Bible in one powerful experience.

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Service with a Purpose

In everything we do, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. Our goal is always a successful journey that broadens the mind, strengthens faith and forges stronger bonds of fellowship. As you consider your discipleship journey and speak with your students, parents or congregation, we are proud to support you in your goals. By answering all of your questions and providing information, we will assist you in choosing your best destination – and in all the steps that follow!

Staff & Partners Who Care

Our unwavering dedication to great service is something each one of our valued clients will experience when travelling overseas with us. Our incredible, friendly staff will go over all of your travelling options with you, sharing our expertise and fully answering any questions you may have. Our extensive knowledge and cultural understanding of these destinations allows us to best serve our clients throughout the process of planning a discipleship journey.

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Unique & Transformative Christian Journeys

We truly believe that our faith-based journeys have the power to change lives. Why? Because each individual trip’s itinerary is carefully planned to provide the best, and most relevant, experience possible for every traveler. Whether you’re standing in The Garden of Gethsemane, or testing the waters of the Red Sea, our expert guides will impart their knowledge along the way, explaining how each site applies to scripture. Travelers will return home with a new appreciation and understanding of the Christian faith.

A Proven Commitment to Safety

At Christian Journeys, we understand the nothing is more important than a safe and reliable experience for our clients. Our proven track record of safety says it all – since 2002, we have successfully – and safely – guided more than 25,000 travelers through their discipleship journeys.

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