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Guiding Christian Journeys for over 15 years

We pride ourselves on having the best group leaders in the field.

Have you ever visited a city armed with only a guidebook and spent most of your time just queuing in lines to enter tourist attractions, then paying too much at overpriced tourist restaurants?

When traveling with Christian Journeys & Tours, it’s like being shown around a city by a friend, who knows the sites and can make recommendations on what to do with your free time during your itinerary. Our guides live and work in these areas and know the country well. We think guidebooks are useful however they are always out of date at time of printing, unlike our tour manager’s knowledge, which is always current.

Our tour managers come from all walks of life and all different occupations and are fluent in English and the country’s native language, which often bridges the communication gap between you and the locals. They also have one thing in common, passion for travel and the subject matter.

All tour managers under go training in the field prior to leading any of our tours. They are your front line, and as such help promote our policies of responsible and sustainable tourism. Guides can often offer suggestions on how you, can help improve the way of life of the communities we visit.

Your tour manager will be with you to assist you when ever you need him/her and like friends, help support each other. Finally, our guides have worked hard to continually develop and fine-tune our philosophy of low-impact tourism and relationships with your local hosts. We believe in supporting the local people, communities and protecting the environment when we travel. This is not only a responsible way to travel – it is an extremely rewarding way to travel. In most cases, when visiting historical sites, Christian Journeys draws on the knowledge of local guides to heighten your experience. We have specifically chosen these people on the basis of their knowledge and reputability to ensure that your journey is a memorable one.

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Phil Harbridge Christian Journeys


Rev. Dr. Phil Harbridge
Discipleship & Spiritual Coordinator

Phil has been teaching Biblical Studies and Discipleship at Richmond Christian Secondary School in Richmond BC for the last 11 years. Phil received his B.A. in History from Crown College, Minnesota, M.Div. from Denver Seminary, Colorado, and his D. Min. from Carey Theological College, Vancouver BC. Phil has pastored in Denver, Kitchener/Waterloo, and Vancouver (First Baptist Church for 13 years). Phil is an ordained minister who has been in ministry/teaching for 34 years. ‘Dr. Phil’ is very passionate about helping students, teachers, pastors and parishioners experience the Lands of the Bible. He and his wife Kay, have lead several journeys and continue to inspire groups and group leaders to prepare for all that God has in store.


Serhat Kutlu
Director of Operations, Turkey Office

For nearly 30 years, Serhat Kutlu has lived his dream by offering global travelers the opportunity to explore the breathtaking nature and rich history of his country. As owner of a thriving Turkish travel company, Mr. Kutlu appreciates the religious heritage of Turkey, and the spiritual growth that Bible-based pilgrimages within the country may engender. A trip to Turkey through Christian Journeys is not mere travel, but a religious milestone for many, as carefully crafted itineraries unveil sites such as Mount Ararat, St. Peter’s Church, the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse and the location of the first Ecumenical Council. When asked about his success, Mr. Kutlu replied, “This is not just a job to us. We do what we love to do.”

Jordan Office

Nabih Riyal
Director of Operations, Jordan Office

As Managing Director of the award-winning Plaza Tours DMC, Nabih Riyal and his staff create a Jordanian travel experience that imparts the beauty and spiritual heritage of the country upon each visitor. Established in 1990, Plaza Tours DMC has been named one of the top 3 tour operators in Jordan by both the Ministry of Tourism and the Jordanian Hotel’s Association. Christian Journey’s travelers on a pilgrimage to Jordan see many Biblical stories come to life, including a visit to the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Mr. Riyal’s dedication to safe and fulfilling travel helps to create life-long positive memories for every spiritual journey.

Greece Office

Dino Roussos
Director of Operations, Greece Office

As our premiere travel partner to this beautiful country, Dino Roussos is passionate about sharing the history and rich religious heritage of Greece with travelers from around the world. His education background includes theology, history, archaeology and the study of the New Testament. This, in combination with more than 30 years experience, uniquely qualifies Mr. Roussos to assist in Greek travel, and offer the opportunity for hands-on education and spiritual renewal. He and his experienced staff look forward to guiding Christian Journey’s travelers through a safe and transformational Greek pilgrimage.

Egypt Office

Dina Tadros
Director of Operations, Egypt Office

With more than 20 years’ experience in Egyptian travel, Dina Tadros greatly enjoys partnering with Christian Journeys to guide travelers through the country’s breathtaking beauty and rich religious heritage. Ms. Tadros and her team of skilled travel professionals have the experience, dedication and local connections necessary to ensure a safe, secure and fulfilling Egyptian pilgrimage. Whether visitors are experiencing the country for the first or fifth time, Dina and her team look forward to welcoming you to Egypt, where many Biblical events and icons will become spiritual truth for you as you tour this ancient land.