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Here at Christian Journeys we understand that planning a trip can seem overwhelming to even get started.  So, we created an information hub for you that will offer relevant information for each stage of journey planning.

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Here, you will find ideas about how to get started and planning your trip. See samples of customizable brochures, templates, and forms. Learn about lesson planning unique to your organizations’ journey. View searchable weather reports and currency calculators.

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September 2017

Discovering and Forging Leaders Through Holy Land Travel

As a church leader, providing a Holy Land experience is one of the greatest gifts you can give to those you lead on the path of their spiritual journey.

A chance to visit the land of Christ can make the stories and principles read for a lifetime more real, tangible and relatable. It is far more than just a vacation or travel experience – a Holy Land pilgrimage through Christian Journeys is an opportunity that can provide countless benefits to your church body, and change the lives of those who travel with you and their families.

You may be asking yourself what these benefits are, and what changes a pilgrimage to Israel will cause within your congregation. After all, a Holy Land journey requires a significant commitment from you and every church member going, from setting aside travel time to fundraising and beyond. (more…)